Western Art Rodeo Association~WARA~ A New Game In Town

WARA - The Art Sport that is Changing Everything

Western Art Rodeo Association~WARA

There’s a new game in town for Artists – Sculptors – Painters – Photographers and Art Enthusiasts!

No, it’s nothing to do with bucking horses or bulls.
It’s a brand new opportunity for artists to make more money, gain exposure, get sponsors, earn name recognition, get in front of collectors – without selling any of their art!
Of course, once you see how it works – they will sell their art too! (making even more money)
The WARA will put an end to the STARVING ARTIST.
Quality Artwork will rise to the top based on quality and not advertising dollars.
If you’re an artists, sculptor, photographer, painter, collector, or just an art enthusiasts – you owe it to yourself to check out the world’s first ART SPORT – WARA.

Learn more by visiting http://www.westernartrodeoassociation.com today!

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