Western Art Rodeo Association Update

Western Art Rodeo Association Update:

Placed 4th in the second go round, but there was a tie for 1st and with the scoring system pushed me out of the final go round. There was such great art there. That was an experience in itself. 110 entries. Pelican lake (the buffalo piece) scored 71. The highest in that go round was 75. Received and awesome award for being the first artist to present in the carving category at the first WARA event.

This is an event like none other. Way to go Russ Larsen and Jeff Wolff. This is the way to go to change the efforts in presenting, marketing and selling works of art. Western or not. I am looking forward to the next competition.

For more information on Western Art Rodeo Association (WARA) go to WARA link.

"Pelican Lake" In honor of my father Russ Martin


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