Tamera Seevers Eggshell Carving Class

IMG_1584Only a couple of spots left for Tamera Seevers eggshell carving class April 23-25. Time is running out to register. If you are interested in attending this event you will want to hurry and contact us for all the details. This is a fun three day event that teaches you how to design, how to carve (relief), how to filigree, how to touch up, and how to finish your eggshell project. We talk some about marketing also.

As most of you know, I only give a few classes a year and there is no time like now to learn about this fun even potential money making opportunity.

Contact by phone: 303-969-8422 or email: tameraseevers@yahoo.com

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  1. Beth Music says:

    Oh how I wish this wasn’t during the week… Kinda hard to get the time off and get down there! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful class.

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