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Introducing: Ryan Seevers- Graphite Artist. CLICK HERE TO VIEW RYAN’S ART

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I started with a borrowed sketch pad and a deep desire to capture the essence behind the eyes.

People say I have my mothers eyes and my fathers eyebrows. My eyes are part of my soul. It is how I see the world.

Everyone I knew, growing up, had land or a cabin.  Lots of time was spent in the rugged mountains of Colorado. I have a deep love of the west. Hiking, camping and fishing from the time I was just a small boy. I would watch quietly at the elk graze with my parents high up on a fourteen-er with thoughts that nowhere else would I rather be. I would study the eyes of animals and people.

As I held my new born, just days old, I thought of all the pictures I could take of this tiny infant. Nothing would match the emotion I felt and would capture her precious soul better than a drawing. I drew her tiny head tightly squeezing her eyes shut.

The realism that I search for is not only in the proportion of a Majestic elk but the drama that is all telling within eyes.


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