Photographing Your Artwork: Make your photo submission appear professional

When you are Photographing your artwork you want to appear professional to enhance your opportunity for jury selection. Every serious artist deal with having to submit their artwork, so taking great art photos is a must to know. Even if you hire a professional to do it for you, you need to know what works the best in today’s jurying process.

Equipment is essential:

  • Use a 3-megapixel camera or better.
  • White light. The energy efficient light bulbs are great for this.
  • Different color poster board.

Lighting: Lighting is an important factor when photographing your art work.

  • Small shifts of light can dramatically bring out the details in your work. Use the poster board to shade or reflect the light.
  • Play with different angles.
  • Avoid hot spots if at all possible.


  • Stay away from distracting backgrounds. Plants, pets, banners, etc., can take away from your art work.
  • Gradients and neutral background colors work best.
  • Each image is your chance to glorify your work. Again, remove any distracting elements.


  • Make sure that all of your images have a consistent feel and look. Consistent in:
  • Theme
  • Background
  • Color
  • Size
  • Positioning

These tips will help make your photo submissions of your fine art appear professional.

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