Ostrich Egg Carving DVD: and other great carving DVDs

Why did I create  ostrich egg carving DVD and where did the idea to make a DVD come from? Several years ago I was performing a demonstration on the sculpting and carving on an ostrich eggshell. As on lookers would stand intensely studying how I was sculpting the eggshell, others would ask questions about the entire process. The demonstrations I did lasted for a few minuets at a time and after the demonstration there were always even more questions than there was time.

The questions were not much different than the ones asked at an event or show where my work was being shown, but in addition to those questions so many people asked if I would also teach a class to them so they to could learn the art. This was a constant theme- would I show them how to carve?

This was not a difficult decision to make. I have always thought that teaching was a privilege. With this request to teach I set up my art studio to accommodate just a few students at a time. My very first class was with three students. I have had many other classes’ since then but they have always been small in size. The problem was when I was not involved with a new sculpture or an event to attend there were students who wanted to attend a class during that time.

I thought about how I could help these budding artist learn to carve with a book but having already started the book, “The Art of Tamera Seevers”, this would be another huge project to add on to my busy schedule. It was my husband who grabbed our camera and told me that he was going to film the carving a daffodil. He held up the camera and videoed the entire project start to finish. After carefully editing it, my first how to video was born.

DVDs by Tamera Seevers:

The Art Of Tamera Seevers

Carving A Daffodil

Tamera Seevers Webinar

Great Carving DVDs by others:

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White Tail Deer Cameo Sculpture by Craig Hone

Relief Leaf Carving by Craig Hone

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