Ostrich Egg Art: Designing an Eggshell can be easy!

Ostrich Egg Art can be fun and designing an eggshell is easy. Coming up with arts and crafts ideas is not as difficult as you might think. To some people it’s just about as intimidating as writing a poem a book or taking on calculus three.  It doesn’t have to be. Think of it as a canvas, close your eyes and visualize a great memory in your life. What wonderful way might you represent this memory.  Sounds simple? It really is. But if your like my husband who when he closes his eyes he falls asleep then I have some great egg art tips that I have learned over the years to help you get started.

Tip 1. Visualize what you want your  egg design to look like.  Stuck? Think of a memorable time in your life. Maybe a wedding. What is your favorite tree, flower, animal, theme… what matters to you? Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie, talk to people. Bounce your ideas off of them to see what they think. Everyone has a super fantastic idea that you might not have thought about. This could do helps you clarify what you want to do. Have fun and enjoy.

Tip 2. It is not going to be perfect the first time….. Or maybe it will. Be excited with how you progress even if the design is not what you really meant it to be. It could turn into something even better. You can add the details later as you progress.

Tip 3. You will not love everything you make. Nor will everyone else. You just have to get over this. I have started many art designs so full of excitement and anticipation and when I have finished with the it I hated it. I will take the egg and start over. Spend your time on great design… ones you love… ones that will last. As an artist or even a hobbyist you should, at the very least, enjoy what you are creating.

Tip 4. Whether it takes a few minutes, few hours or even many months don’t put off working on your egg art design. Do a little every day. The most challenging part is to stay focused and not to rush. You will know when you should start the next process. You’ll just feel it!

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  1. Ron Snayberger says:

    A good process for any project, not just egg carving. Thanks!

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