Ostrich Egg Art: Art Portfolio

If you’re serious about your work then you should have a well thought out art portfolio. The question is what do you put in it? Should you put in everything or snippets of what you have done? How much should you have how much should you leave out?

Many of my friends who went to art school started working on their portfolio the first day they started class, updating the file with each and every art work they create.

Here are some art portfolio tips:

  • Start with a high quality black portfolio binder that you can add or subtract pages from.
  • Think of it as your resume. What you would include in a resume include in your art portfolio. This should be your front page.
  • Use quality pictures of the work you’re presenting. I might suggest 5×7 high resolution color prints of various works you have created. Try to have 15 to 20 art pieces. This is a good representation of your skills. If the work is in various styles separate with an introduction page of style.
  • A chronological list of your work that others have written about you. Articles and pictures that feature you and your art work. Always make sure to have the name of the magazine and date it was published. If you have been on television get a DVD of the event.
  • List the shows, events, exhibitions, demonstrations and charities you have displayed your art work.
  • List the p0sitive comments you have received or any thank you’s for charities you have donated to.
  • Update your art portfolio often. As an artist, you may be creating new art works. Don’t forget to add them.
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