Ostrich Egg Art: 5 Tips To Know Before Appling To A Fine Art Events

Ostrich Egg Art and the creation of Ostrich Eggshell Sculpture is followed by it’s final debut at a fine arts event. Here are 5 tips that may help you present your work.

Tip 1.  Keep a journal of why you thought of creating piece of artwork and the progression of it from start to finish. People love a story- your story. You may hate to write stuff down but it will come in very handy later when someone asks you why you made it.

Tip 2. A way to enhance your story is with photos. Take good photos as you work on your project. You don’t need to be an expert but clear photos help you document the process of your art pieces. Again, People love to hear your story of how you made your piece and photos are worth a thousand words.

Tip 3. Submit Great Photos. When you are applying for a juried fine art show it is critical that you take great photos of your artwork. If you need to hire a photographer do it. I have. Judges have FIVE seconds or less to review the 4 or 5 photos of your art pieces before the next artist’s photos come up to be viewed. Make sure the photos are clear well defined and beautiful.

Tip 4.  If your going to submit your work it must represent your art. Do NOT photoshop it. Your art should represent what your going to present at the event.  I have seen artist’s photoshop their photo entries and they were not ever invited back to the event. The art world seems huge but it is very small. Word travels very quickly and your goal as an artist is to make a great name and reputation for yourself- not to have a poor reputation as an artist.

Tip 5.  Even if the event or show is listed in a magazine as one of the top 100 shows or has been top rated, don’t take that for granted. Investigate it. Talk to other artists who may have been at the event. A red flag would be when there are more NEW (new to that show) artists than returning artists. A good mix is 75% RETURNING and 25% NEW artist. There is a reason if the older artists are not returning back to an event.

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