Ostrich Egg Art: 12 Frequently Asked

12 Frequently asked questions in ostrich egg art ….. very frequently asked questions!

Can you remember listening to the radio and hearing your favorite song? Then waiting to, perchance, get to see the band sing that song? That band gets to sing that song over and over again.

An artist may not be singing the same lyrics over and over, but at nearly every event artists attend there are the same questions that will be asked over and over. I am going to offer you a generic checklist of these questions so when you start doing shows, exhibitions and events you will be aware and prepared to answer them:

  1. How long have you been doing this?
  2. What made you think of the ostrich eggshell?
  3. How long does it take, start to finish?
  4. Where do you get an ostrich egg?
  5. How many do you break before you are able to complete one?
  6. Have you ever got to the end and then…. break?
  7. How many have you broke?
  8. Where do you come up with your ideas?
  9. Are these done with the laser?
  10. What tool do you use?
  11. Where do you get the eggshells?
  12. What media is it? – This one seems strange because the egg is right in front of them. However, they think it could be ceramic, clay, porcelain or even plastic media to look like an egg.

Every time a question asked to you, you need to keep your enthusiasm up. The person you are speaking to is interested in you and your work and does not know anything about what you do. So don’t be boorish.

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