Make A Difference

Take your talent, find your reason and make a difference.

Everyone has a reason. Some use this reason to develop the talent that is hiding within them. What happened to me? Where did I go? What have I done? Just like everyone else lots of things in life happen. Life brings us the joys we know will far too quickly pass.

Wesley’s first struggle began when he was a mere six years of age. As he battled the dreaded disease of Burkett’s lymphoma his cancer stricken mother fought breast cancer. She lost her long fight but he survived even though the brutal transfusions and spinal taps.

Several years later Wesley was cancer free and he set his big goal in life… go to his Senior prom and to walk down the isle receiving his High School diploma while the sounds of pomp and circumstance played in the background. He imagined how exciting these events would be. Two of his greatest achievements for someone who had no sure guarantee on life it would be a momentous event indeed. This was his reason.

Feeling ill just a day before his sixteenth birthday Wesley was hospitalized the cough that he had been hiding for months were baseball sized tumors in his lungs. He spent the next two years in and out of surgeries he was struggling in school but was determined to go to prom and graduate. As Wesley entered his senior year his prognoses for survival became a distant dream. He turned down his chance of a lifetime vacation from Make A WishFoundation  he wanted to pick out a friend to go to prom with and with luck graduate.

The corsage Wesley’s dad had picked up for his sons prom sat wilting in the refrigerator. Wesley had passed, his date for the prom was left with tears in her eyes never getting to wear the special dress she so wanted him to see her in. The loss of my nephew that for so many years had battled the dreaded cancer that plagues mankind passed a few months after his eighteenth birthday.

I generally don’t share the reasons why I support a particular group because it is very personal but this is one occasion to share why Ed and I have supported St Jude Children Research.

I have seen that a great many artists have created some of there best work when they have tragedy that drags them into the ground, hope gives me my reason.

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