The Last Daffodil

“The Last Daffodil”
The Story:
In the final days before she passed winter was begging to loosen it’s icy hold on the land. The ground was hard and cold as stone. She had only a small wish… smell the fragrant aroma of her favorite spring time flowers in sweet bloom before she parted. A knock on the door brought a boxed bouquet of flowers into her room her eyes widened with the anticipation of seeing daffodils and tulips. Instead the box contained rose’s and disappointment showed. Lifting out the flowers she labored to breathe in the scent of the roses never getting the chance to see her favorite spring flowers again.

62ct Lemon Citrine. Cut and Polished by Paul Blankenheim. Reverse Intaglio carved by Tamera Seevers using a small diamond drill. The 18kt gold work by Paul Blanenheim.


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