Starlit Night

“Starlit Night”
The Story:
As the Summer Jasmine blooms on a clear night sky, tiny balls of star light gleam and sparkle above. Sweet jasmine flowers release their lightly perfumed fragrance, gently filling the air with its calming relaxing aroma. Closing my eyes I feel all my worries drift away. It is a gift of love, compassion and harmony.
Reflecting back to the countless summer evenings I spent as a child at my parents cabin, I can still see the evening give way to night. The crackling fire that was used for cooking marshmallows burned down to warm embers. Small flames of fire flicker. The clear midnight blue sky studded with millions of tiny jewels sparkling their light down to me. Looking up into the night’s sky I recall spending hours gazing at just how many stars were above me. Because of my reluctance to come in my family nicked name be Star Gazer.

Description of finishes:
60 Jasmine flowers winding up the side of the eggshell. The recessed areas are gilded with midnight blue brush metal and mica. The stars are gilded palladium with 24 of them embedded with white sapphires.
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