Eggs, A Sign of Spring!

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Eggs, A sign of Spring, belief, life, hope and new beginnings.

Looking out upon the horizon I caught a sight of what could only be the signs of spring. Moving swiftly towards me was a large flock of thrushes more commonly known as Robins. The small creatures had returned from their long journey down south and would soon begin to nest and lay eggs.

Eggs have such a historical and traditional link to this glorious time of year.  The egg has an exceptional place in the lives for a great number of individuals. I would challenge yourself to ask what place does this unique medium have for you. Is it because it is an odd or unusual form that simply lends itself to be carved on? Or is it something totally different?

There are numerous traditions of giving them as a token of friendship, love or good wishes even faith. Could it symbolize renewal, immortality or even a new life for you? These few questions could offer you an insight into why you might want choose to work in this medium. You don’t need to tell anyone what it means to you, or you may choose to expose what significance it gives you. That choice is yours alone.

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2 Responses to Eggs, A Sign of Spring!

  1. Tamera,

    What an appropriate time of year to share your beautiful engraved egg!! We all have been truly blessed this year. Not only does your engraved egg remind me of eternal symmetry, but the fresh sign of spring and new beginning. Thanks again – Happy Easter!

  2. Very insightful and inspiring Tamara. Thank you for you insights!

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