Commissioned M14 Commemorative Rifle

Commissioned M14 Commemorative Rifle

Go to gunstock gallery for more photos.

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2 Responses to Commissioned M14 Commemorative Rifle

  1. Bob says:

    Wow – I was checking your website to see any new engraved eggs.

    To my surprise, didn’t realize you also engrave gunstock!!

    Excellant video and engraving detail.
    Wheatland, WY

    • Hey Bob,
      I have had a ton of people ask if I could carve their guns. This commemorative rifle keeps morphing into big things. Ted Brown has agreed to build the working rifle! He is legendary in the M14 community as a master gunsmith and armorer. This adds HUGE value to the working rifle. We have been invited to a shoot of this rifle when it is done and we can say we fired a Ted Brown custom built rifle! The rifle will be touring across the country and displayed in huge places (more on that later).

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