Unbelievable Art
“Amazing”, “Truly worthy of the Czar”, “You almost can not believe what you are seeing.”, “It’s magical, spiritual.” This is what Tamera Seevers hears as people view her work of sculpted ostrich egg shells. Carefully sculpting and filigreeing on the worlds largest eggs she transforms it into the incredibly delicate and intricate piece of art that leaves people breathless. Tamera has taken her memories of life, events and dreams and carves them into a shell. A shell, that to her, is a representation of life, new beginnings and change. A sculpture can take weeks or sometimes months from the time Tamera decides what she feels the shell will best be suited for, to the moment she finishes her last cut. No matter how much time she takes viewing it is unbelievable.

“I rarely comment on youtube, but I think that is one of the most truely beautiful things I’ve seen in a long time. I’m speechless.” tdpl769, Austria

“I just visited your web page and really enjoyed your sculptures. They are extremely beautiful – GREAT and unimaginable. Congratulations! I am the Editor of the children’s magazine, KIDS nation – it is a magazine that is issued with the national newspaper The Nation in Sri Lanka. I wish if I could feature your sculptures in my magazine. I like the meaning and the captions you have given to each creation – such as ‘Bringing Friends Together.’”
Chamindra Wickremasinghe, Editor- Sri Lanka

“My name is Deledda Gee , PR Manager of Opus Two Entertainment Ltd . My company is mainly to provide events and exhibition for shopping mall in Hong Kong I am very happy to find your website from Internet and I would like to invite you to bring your Eggs to Hong Kong for Exhibition . We are not selling any admission fees. Our company will pay the production costs for your exhibition , such as : display boxes with lock. You can sell your Eggs at shopping mall and you can bring all Easter eggs after the exhibition ends. We will provide airtickets , hotel , transporation  and food during exhibition dates. We have a good relationship with media , we can arrange media to interview with you in Hong Kong . I am looking forwards to your reply.”
Deledda Gee- Hong Kong

If it’s OK with you….(just let me know)I’d like to fwd this to our News Director…It might make a very interesting story to interview and showcase some of her carvings. WOW!!!! Amazing!!!!!!”
Richard Savino- Centennial, CO

Do you have any pricing on these that you can share?  I’ve sent the URL to several of my friends and have already been asked about price.
Let me know…………….
They are absolutely beautiful and I marvel at your talent.  What patience that takes.”
Sara Cardwell- Dallas, TX

“OH MY GOD!!! i was complelely speechless when I saw the photos……so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see it in person! Already, I’m designing the cake it will go on – I will try to duplicate your vine and flower designs on the cake.”
Andrea Blaut- Sedona, AZ

“WOW, what wonderful art. You are truly a master of egg carving.”
Darwin Dower- UT

“I want to thank you for putting our show onto your busy schedule. Your eggs are exquisite and I’m sure will be the hit of the show!”
Beth Simmons- Lakewood, CO
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