Custom Egg Art Designs, Displays, Tutorials, Instruction and more.

Artist Statement:

A realization that life is fragile, short and consistently changing allowed the currents of life within me to visualize a new work of creation.

Each sculpture whispers to me as I create and define the piece by removing the coarse exterior gently prodding each piece to unveil its secret beauty, whether it is exposing the emotion of a delicate flower, the fluttering wings of a bird or bringing to life the majesty of a wild elk.

I want those who see my art to feel a sense of peace and happiness, to have seen and feel something magical, a gift that touches their lives, if only for a moment.

The art of sculpting egg shells provides me an endless creative outlet- a place in history, creating heirlooms for families all around the world.

I thank you for taking the time to view my work. I hope it sparks something within. To me, it sparks wonder and beauty that is all around us.


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